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Windows, Doors, Conservatories...

At Vision Windows, we offer anything and everything in the window industry.

Assembly of casement windowAll windows, doors, conservatories and porches are manufactured to international and industry based quality standards at our site in Denton Manchester. It's important that we are able to offer our customers the very latest in the technological breakthoughs of the modern day and so we ensure that we are kept abreast of these advances and include them as standard within our products as they become available. High levels of security, improved heat retention and energy efficiency, noise reduction, structural soundness, stunning good looks and impressive immitation of materials from a bygone age are all part of the products we are able to provide.


We will manufacture to order, any quantity of every conceivable type of window from a standard Casement, Bay, Tilt & Turn, Sliding Sash or Bi-Fold in domestic properties to Curtain Walling for the commercial trade and specialist timber effect products for listed buildings, conservation and preservation properties.

Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-Fold windows have become increaslingy popular since their counterpart Bi-Fold doors were first introduced more than 20 years ago. Facilitating the much increased light opportunities, these windows are available in all the standard colours and effects as mentioned previously


Entrance, Patio, French, Stable, Composite, Bi-Fold, GRP. Our doors are available to order in any number of designs and colours. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is available in an array of colours for the commercial market and the typical PVCu Entrance doors come in a vast array of standard colours and designs.

Patio & French

Patio and French doors are also availble in typical colours of white/white, white/rosewood, white/mahogany, rosewood/rosewood, mahogany/mahogany or solid colours.


Composite Doors are extremely impresive in their appearance and texture and by nature are more secure than PVCu doors


Bi-Fold doors were first introduced more than 20 years ago. The unique design of these folding doors creates the maximum effect from light and ventalation by exposing the entire length of an external wall to the outdoors when they are opened and providing that same, copious ammount of light even when they are closed. These doors are available in all the standard colours and effects as mentioned previously

Conservatories & Porches

Conservatories and Porches are manufactured to order from surveyor specifications and in line with customer requirements. Like our standard windows and doors, they are available in standard colours and wood effect finishes. Conservatory roofs range from tripple-skin polycarbide upto advanced self-cleaning glass with very high levels of climate control built into the manufacturing process.

Commercial Products

At Vision Windows Manchester, we also have a a vast knowledge of commercial requirements for the building sector. We are able to supply High Security Aluminium Doors and Anti-Vandal Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Doors

Glass Reinforced Plastic Doors (GRP)

Manufactured to a very high quality these doors are popular in social housing sectors, schools and apartments blocks. High perfomance and low maintenence make these doors a perfect alternative to PVCu and/or other composite doors

Aluminium Doors

Secure, good looking, corrosion free, energy efficient. Aluminium doors provide an attractive alternative to other types of doors for the domestic market as well as commerical installations. Very often seen in units in industrial estates because they offer very high leves of security and yet still remain very cost effective.